Occupational Health Guest Lecture: Lailana Purvis, MD, MSc, OHS


As it embodies excellence in Occupational Health, it was only fitting for the UHAMKA Medical Faculty to invite Dr. Lailana Purvis, an occupational health expert from the Netherlands, to present a lecture. Dr. Lailana is an occupational health specialist and insurance expert with extensive experience in her field, especially as a specialist in disability, rehabilitation, prevention, sick leave policies, and teamplayers (training & coaching). With her experience and expertise, Dr. Lailana is also a consultant for educational development in the field of occupational health. She is also an international examiner for the University of Indonesia (UI) Medical Faculty and often speaks at seminars/workshops under the theme of occupational health.

The field of occupational health is still developing in Indonesia and this guest lecture provided a lot of new knowledge to the students who were very excited, as evident in the number of questions asked, resulting in a lively and interactive discussion.

During the guest lecture, Dr. Lailana introduced the students and lecturers to the basic principles of occupational health or the concept that there are potential risks and hazards involved in all jobs and employment environments that impact both the health and safety of employees and may cause workplace accidents or occupational diseases. For this reason, the role of company doctors or occupational health practitioners is crucial in preventing incidences of occupational diseases and keeping employees in good and healthy condition, leading to increased productivity.[:]

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