A meeting for the class of 2018 medical graduates was organized by the medical study program at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta (FK Uhamka). The event was held at the FK Uhamka Jl. Raden Patah, Parung Serab, Tangerang mini-theatre (24/9). The deputy rector of Uhamka, Prof. Abdurrahman A Ghani, SH, MPD, the FK Uhamka senate, which was presided over by Dr. Wawang S Sukarya, Sp.OG (K), MARS, MHKes, and all of the school’s structural members, attended the ceremony offline while parents and lecturers watched it online.

The lesson from Dr. Wawang Sukarya, Dean of FK Uhamka, was to never give up on being a great young doctor, no matter where he is. Continue to gain information and skills to be prepared for the challenges of the future. In his remarks, Vice Chancellor 1 Uhamka Prof. Abdurrahman A. Ghani, SH, MPd, commended parents of aspiring physicians for their success in helping their children become medical graduates and gave them advice on how to keep being a supportive generation.

Meanwhile, FK Uhamka’s deputy dean, Dr. Endin Nokik Stujnna, delivered his academic report. There were initially 48 students in the 2018 batch for the Bachelor of Medicine degree, and as many as 43. The 43 newly graduated young doctors will participate in the state round of the staged-implemented medical professional education program at the Main Education Hospital, RS. Satellites, Affiliated Hospitals, and Bogor District Health Office. There were 28 students for the first phase. There were 14 students present for the second phase of the inauguration of young doctors, which was held today.

Jaya FK Uhamka and hope that medical students who have pledged to follow through on their commitments to become doctors will do so and always preserve professional ethics.

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